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The Voice Singing Nun

Singing Nun Wins the Voice Italy

We’re sorry Whoopi Goldberg but you are no longer the most popular singing nun.  This week at Popcorn Whiskey we where reading through news stories when we came across the story of Cristina Scuccia a nun who won this week season 2  of the Voice Italy.  The video we saw was her performing What a Feeling from the Flashdance movie.   Check it out


Josh Kaufman the Voice

The Voice has a new Champ, Get to know Josh Kaufman

Season 6 of the Voice has a new winner, and we couldn’t be more excited. Josh Kaufman, 38, a father of 3 was our pick to win the show from the start. What makes his story so great that he never gave up. Kaufman auditioned for the first season of X-Factor but did not make the cut. Even in this season of the Voice, Josh started the season by getting all four coaches to turn their chairs but was dropped by his coach Adam Levine, in the second round of Battles, and Usher was able to add him to his team. This is the first time Usher has won the show as a Coach, with Blake and Adam winning all previous seasons. (more…)

American Idol Winners

The Ultimate Ranking of American Idol Winners

American Idol is a week away from crowing it’s 13th (unlucky number = bad ratings?) American Idol winner. While the show has been going downhill in ratings for the last few years, no one can argue the success of several of the winners and losers of the house that Kelly Clarkson built. The voice, America’s Got Talent, and the now canceled X-Factor have yet to produce mega stars like Carrie Underwood or Jennifer Hudson. In honor of our next weeks season finally, we have put together our ranking of the greatest American Idol Winners from the last 12 seasons. To come up with our rankings we looked at the chart success of each winner after Idol, their performances on American Idol, and lastly their voice. Draw the lights, here are your results America. (more…)