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Top 10 Disney Films

Disney has been making full length animated films since 1937 with Snow White. Here at Popcorn Whiskey we looked to rank the all time top ten best animated Disney films. We left out the Pixar films and looked at the following for guidelines: box office and DVD sales, critical reviews, cultural importance, story telling, music, and animation. Here are our top 10 Disney films.

jungle book   10.    The Jungle Book

85% on Rotten Tomatoes

Mowgli, bro’s before h…. aw forget. The Jungle Book starts the list of a greatest Disney animated films of all time thanks to the music, coming of age story of a boy raised by wolves. With great villains like Kaa, King Louie, and Shere Khan, the Jungle Book kept you wondering if Mowgli was ever going to make it out safe. I think every kid wanted Baloo to be their best friend and learn how to enjoy the Bare Necessities. The Jungle Book happens to also be the last animated film that Walt Disney had a personal touch on, before his death in 1966. The Bare Necessities and I Want to be Like You are two of Disney’s most popular songs and are just good old fun. In the end, Mowgli has to decide if he should stay in the jungle or go to the man village and of course he see’s a pretty girl (how old is he?) and decides that he should be with the humans. (more…)


Why Frozen Is Not Disney’s Best

Frozen has been declared my many as the greatest animated film since the Lion King. While yes, I like everyone else went to see Frozen in the theaters and found myself singing Do you Want to Build a Snowman and Let it Go when I was all alone, but I do not buy into all the hype Frozen has received. I want to make one thing clear, Frozen has amazing music, Let it Go especially is an instant Disney classic. But the movie it’s self really was nothing special. There where so many holes in the story, there where several under developed characters, and the pace of the movie felt very rushed. I’d have to say that Tangled was a better film over all, and if we are including Pixar, movies like Toy Story 3 and Up are two more recent films that I would place in front of Frozen. Anyways, the following are a few of the major issues I had with Frozen. (more…)