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Why Anna Paquin/Rougue’s Fight Scene Got cut from X-Men Days of Future Past


Simon Kinberg, writer for X-Men Days of Future Past and the upcoming X-Men Apocalypses gave an amazing interview with the Daily Beast.    In the interview Kinberg was asked about the Rogue fight scene that was cut from the Days of Future Past.

Were there any big scenes that got cut? I heard a big action sequence with Anna Paquin/Rogue did.

The Rogue/Anna Paquin scene was by far the biggest cut we made, and that was more my fault than anything. When I was crafting the script, I wanted to create a (more…)


Honest Trailers – The X-Men Trilogy

This weekend, X-Men Days of Future Past comes to theaters and we are so excited to see our favorite X-Men once again. The X-Men films where really the start of the super hero craze and they produced 2 incredible movies before slapping fans in the face with the Last Stand. Check out the Honest Movie Trailer for the X-Men trilogy, they poke fun at the franchise we love so much and we almost died laughing


Guardians of the Galaxy Triler

New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Guardians of the Galaxy released a new Trailer today and he internet is going crazy. For the last 3 days, Marvel has released teasers for the new Trailer and today Fan’s got to see what they had been waiting for. The release was part of a live event on Facebook where Chris Pratt, Batista, Vin Diesel and others answered questions. Check out the brand new trailer now.


Justice League

Why Superman is Not a Movie Star

DC is excited to go head to head with Marvel in the coming years to see which comic empire can come out on top. It seems that DC is banking on using Superman to connect all their characters together, as we see with Superman vs. Batman. But we think DC is banking their success on the wrong superhero. To be honest, we just don’t find Superman interesting, and don’t believe he can be the main character in a great comic book movie. Superman is powerful and iconic, we are not trying to deny that, rather we don’t feel he transfers well over to the big screen. The following are a few reasons why Superman is not meant to be the leading man in the DC Movie world. (more…)

Top 5 Films Needed in the Marvel Universe

Here is our list of the top 5 movies both Marvel fans and the general movie public would go gaga over.

5.  HawkeyeHawkeyeEMH

Anyone else wonder where was Hawkeye in Captain America 2? It’s time for Hawkeye to stop receiving the short end of the stick and get his own feature film. In the Avengers, we saw Hawkeye (under the control of Loki) nearly take down the rest of the Avengers on his own. I would love to see Hawkeye actually leave the Avengers, feeling under looked because he has no super powers and play the role of a somewhat dark anti hero. (more…)