How it Should Have Ended

Top 5 How It Should Have Ended Videos

With over 600 million views, How it Should Have Ended is one of the most popular youtube series to date. The show looks at alternate endings of films we all love. If you have not seen these before, check our their youtube page, you have hours of videos to enjoy.  Our favorite part of How it Should Have Ended is when Superman and Batman hang out at the Super Cafe, where they discuss the movie or just chit chat.   Here is our top 5 favorite How it Should have Ended.   


5.  How Toy Story 3 Should Have Ended


batman porn parodie

WTF Porn Parodies

Here at Popcorn Whiskey we sometimes have to ask ourselves WTF where they thinking?    Today we are looking at porn parodies.   With the internet age, we don’t even understand why people pay for this stuff, but clearly they do.   But this is not a post bashing porn, but rather some really bad porn parodies.   A porn parody keeps in the theme of a popular pop culture event.  It could be a movie, TV show, band, or even a political scandal.   These parodies have been popular in the porn industry with obvious parodies of movies like Star Wars and Batman.   Parks and Recreation even made a reference to the porn parodies and made a fake one for their show.  Check it out  below.



Top 10 Greatest 90’s Kid’s Cartoon Shows

The 90’s where a great time to be a kid, and every kid had their favorite cartoon. From superhero’s to just plain silly, our list looks at the children’s TV cartoons and we have rated them based on their impact on pop culture, the quality of the show, staying power, and creativity. Here our top 10.


Bobby's World10.  Bobby’s World

What little kid couldn’t relate to Bobby and his amazing imagination. With a crazy Uncle Ted and a wacky family, Bobby’s World focused on the every day little of a a little boy who’s imagination would turn a regular visit into the dentist into a space adventure. We love how simple Bobby’s World and how awesome it was when Howie Mandel had hair. (more…)

Justice League

Why Superman is Not a Movie Star

DC is excited to go head to head with Marvel in the coming years to see which comic empire can come out on top. It seems that DC is banking on using Superman to connect all their characters together, as we see with Superman vs. Batman. But we think DC is banking their success on the wrong superhero. To be honest, we just don’t find Superman interesting, and don’t believe he can be the main character in a great comic book movie. Superman is powerful and iconic, we are not trying to deny that, rather we don’t feel he transfers well over to the big screen. The following are a few reasons why Superman is not meant to be the leading man in the DC Movie world. (more…)


Best of Youtube (Movies and TV)

Are you feeling a little behind on Youtube right now?  Don’t worry, we have our favorite videos for the week of May 5th.   As always, we focus on Movies and TV. so that video of the cat playing the keyboard does not apply.

The Beygency

All Hail Beyonce. SNL will have you rolling on the floor.   Do you love Beyonce?  If you said no, it’s already too late, the Beygency are on their way to get you.   Hands down, this is the best SNL skit of the year. (more…)

GOTHAM Extended Trailer Reaction

Fox released an extended trailer for their new show Gotham. Taking place in the DC universe, Gotham tells the story of Detective James Gordon and a young Bruce Wayne starting with the day that changed the world, the Day Bruce Wayne’s parents where violently shot dead in front of him. Fan’s of Batman are excited to see the origin stories of fan favorites like the Joker, Catwoman, and the Riddler.

MV5BMTkwMzMzNDc3MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzgzNDI2Mg@@._V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_AL_Right off the bat, we see that the murder of the Wayne’s has outraged the Mayor and Gotham and he has sworn to rid the city of all the murders and thugs (I don’t think he will be successful…). We then meet the new kid on the police team, a pre-mustache James Gordon played by Ben McKenzie (yeah it’s the kid from the OC). And guess who is there to comfort Bruce at the crime sense of his parent death? That’s right, Ryan…opps I mean James Gordon and he promises Bruce that he will catch his parents killer. I love how graphic the violence is on this trailer, I mean Batman’s parents really get shot on camera with blood gushing from their body. And then to show that Fox really knows what they are doing, they flash images of Batman’s greatest foes as teens: the Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, and Poison Ivy.

gothamAfter watching the trailer, I am pumped for Gotham. It looks like while Marvel is leading the way with movies, DC really knows how to make an excellent TV world. The show is going to be dark, full of Easter eggs, and feature several of our favorite stars of the Batman universe. What is there not to like? Oh yeah, Ryan from the OC…. Actually, the trailer has me believing in Ben McKenzie at James Gordon. The fact that my biggest complaint is that Gordon does not have a mustache shows how great of a trailer Fox just gifted us with. I think it’s safe to say Gotham will be a hit and will have a much larger following than Agents of SHIELD. Well done Fox….