The Voice Singing Nun

Singing Nun Wins the Voice Italy

We’re sorry Whoopi Goldberg but you are no longer the most popular singing nun.  This week at Popcorn Whiskey we where reading through news stories when we came across the story of Cristina Scuccia a nun who won this week season 2  of the Voice Italy.  The video we saw was her performing What a Feeling from the Flashdance movie.   Check it out



WTF There are 29 Seasons of Survivor

Here at Popcorn Whiskey, we search the internet for great stories to share with our readers, but every once in awhile, we come across something that leaves us asking WTF?   Today we look at the TV show Survivor, which is on it’s 29th season.

WTF, that’s right there have been 28 seasons of Survivor, since the shows start in May 2000,  with season 29, Survivor: San Juan del Sur starting this fall.  With 426 episodes under it’s belt, you have to ask your self do people even still watch Survivor?  While we know no one who openly admits to watching Survivor, the show this last (more…)

batman porn parodie

WTF Porn Parodies

Here at Popcorn Whiskey we sometimes have to ask ourselves WTF where they thinking?    Today we are looking at porn parodies.   With the internet age, we don’t even understand why people pay for this stuff, but clearly they do.   But this is not a post bashing porn, but rather some really bad porn parodies.   A porn parody keeps in the theme of a popular pop culture event.  It could be a movie, TV show, band, or even a political scandal.   These parodies have been popular in the porn industry with obvious parodies of movies like Star Wars and Batman.   Parks and Recreation even made a reference to the porn parodies and made a fake one for their show.  Check it out  below.