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Superhero Movies

How Many Superhero Films is too Many?

America loves it Superhero movies, but is it ready for the amount of movies coming it”s way over the next few years? Will Superhero’s become the new Call Me Maybe? Super overplayed and we just want to skip every time it comes on? Check out a projected overview of the Superhero movies coming out from now to 2018, and keep in mind there are more Marvel movies that will be added to the list.

Guardians of the Galaxy August 1, 2014

The Avengers : Age of Ultron May 1, 2015

The Fantastic Four June 19 2015

Ant Man July 17, 2015 (more…)

will smith fresh prince

5 Ways Will Smith Can Recover His Star Power

Will Smith is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. In fact, in 2007, Newsweek named Smith the most powerful actor in Hollywood. But it’s no longer 2007 and Smith is no longer the mega star that he once was. Will Smith’s Highest grossing film of all time was back in 1996 with Independence Day. His last major film ranks 16 in Will Smith’s highest grossing films list, a major disappointment. In fact, of the top 10 highest grossing Smith films, Hancook which came out in July 2008 is the most recent film on the list. So clearly, Smith is not the movie star he once was. And with After Earth receiving an incredibly bad score of 11% he needs to make a move soon. There are rumors that Smith will star in a movie about the concussions of the NFL, but we are not sure that is the right move for Smith. Her our Popcorn Whiskey’s Top 5 Ways for Will Smith to Recover his Stardom.  (more…)

The Voice Singing Nun

Singing Nun Wins the Voice Italy

We’re sorry Whoopi Goldberg but you are no longer the most popular singing nun.  This week at Popcorn Whiskey we where reading through news stories when we came across the story of Cristina Scuccia a nun who won this week season 2  of the Voice Italy.  The video we saw was her performing What a Feeling from the Flashdance movie.   Check it out


Parks and Recreation

5 Reasons We Love Parks and Recreation

Here at Popcorn Whiskey we all agree that the best comedy on TV currently is Parks and Recreation. Yet with less then 4 million average viewers, we are shocked that there are not more loyal fans. Part of this can be due to the first season of Parks and Recreation not having the magic that the following seasons have. A lot of people we know gave Parks and Recreation a shot when it first came out because of star Amy Poehler but decided they did not like it. Well, if that is the case for you, do your self a favor and binge watch it on Netflix and you will see he brilliance that is Pawnee. Here are 5 of our favorite things about Parks and Recreation. (more…)


WTF There are 29 Seasons of Survivor

Here at Popcorn Whiskey, we search the internet for great stories to share with our readers, but every once in awhile, we come across something that leaves us asking WTF?   Today we look at the TV show Survivor, which is on it’s 29th season.

WTF, that’s right there have been 28 seasons of Survivor, since the shows start in May 2000,  with season 29, Survivor: San Juan del Sur starting this fall.  With 426 episodes under it’s belt, you have to ask your self do people even still watch Survivor?  While we know no one who openly admits to watching Survivor, the show this last (more…)


Top 10 Greatest 90’s Kid’s Cartoon Shows

The 90’s where a great time to be a kid, and every kid had their favorite cartoon. From superhero’s to just plain silly, our list looks at the children’s TV cartoons and we have rated them based on their impact on pop culture, the quality of the show, staying power, and creativity. Here our top 10.


Bobby's World10.  Bobby’s World

What little kid couldn’t relate to Bobby and his amazing imagination. With a crazy Uncle Ted and a wacky family, Bobby’s World focused on the every day little of a a little boy who’s imagination would turn a regular visit into the dentist into a space adventure. We love how simple Bobby’s World and how awesome it was when Howie Mandel had hair. (more…)

Josh Kaufman the Voice

The Voice has a new Champ, Get to know Josh Kaufman

Season 6 of the Voice has a new winner, and we couldn’t be more excited. Josh Kaufman, 38, a father of 3 was our pick to win the show from the start. What makes his story so great that he never gave up. Kaufman auditioned for the first season of X-Factor but did not make the cut. Even in this season of the Voice, Josh started the season by getting all four coaches to turn their chairs but was dropped by his coach Adam Levine, in the second round of Battles, and Usher was able to add him to his team. This is the first time Usher has won the show as a Coach, with Blake and Adam winning all previous seasons. (more…)