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Top 5 TV Dads

In honor of Fathers Day this Sunday, we at Popcorn Whiskey wanted to to take a look at some of the greatest TV dads of all time. Some of our picks are a little controversial but that’s part of the fun. From the Fun Dad to the Bad Ass Dad, this is not your typical best Fathers list. Here are our top 5 TV dads.

The Irresponsible Father

Best TV fathersFrank Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you want to be a good father, do just about everything opposite of Frank Reynolds. From hiring hookers to water-boarding his daughter, Frank is not without his faults, but he always seems to have the money to bail his kids out of trouble and for better or worst, he is there for his kids. His ultimate fault is that he just wants to be one of the gang and relive his crazy days, but hey that’s why we love him. Frank is the dad who is a part of and encourages the bad decisions his children make, and that makes great television. Other Irresponsible Fathers include: Homer Simpson, Al Bundy, and Peter Griffin

The Fun Dad

Best TV DadPhil Dunphy from Modern Family. What’s more fun than magic and trampoline jumping? Phil Dunphy might be the butt of many of the jokes on Modern Family, but you know you would love to have him be your dad. And with Phil’s-osopy likd “If you’re ever in a jam, a crayon scrunched up under your nose makes a good pretend mustache” you know you’re in for a fun ride when Phil is your dad. Phil just wants to be his kids best friends, plus he know he has a wife who is really good at playing the bad cop to his good. Other Fun Dads include: Tim Taylor, Hal Wilkerson, and Dan Conner

The Father Figure

Best TV Father FigureGeorge Feeny from Boy Meets World. Sure Mr. Feeny may not be a biological father to Cory, Shawn, and Topanga but who did they turn to when they where in need or wanted some advice? That’s right they went to Fee Hee Heeny. From those kids from the 90’s, they think of a mentor as a Mr. Feeny figure in their lives….that’s how big of an impact he’s had on millions of kids who wanted Mr. Feeny to live next door to them, or some how travel from school to school with them. If you feel like crying, check out these final words from Mr. Feeny from the Boy Meets World Finale.

Other Father Figures include: Uncle Jesse, Red Forman, and Adam Braverman

The Bad Ass Dad

Best TV Show DadWalter White from Breaking Bad. Heisenberg is someone you would never want to piss off, and if he’s your dad, people will know to leave you alone. There’s no doubt Walter White loved his family, and all signs from the beginning episodes of the show point to him being a great dad who would never hurt a fly. So how did he make the Bad Ass Dad list? Well, he’s killed drug lords, poisoned children, and made more meth than the entire county of Riverside CA could consume in a lifetime (that’s a lot of meth!). Towards the end of the show, Walt had picked up some real anger issues, and you did not want get in his way. But hey it was all for his kids right? He wanted to make sure he left them with enough money to have a good life and well, there is nothing scary about that. Other Scary Dads include: Tony Soprano and Jax Teller.

The Perfect Dad

Best TV FathersCliff Huxtable from the Cosby Show. He’s the dad that makes all the other dads seem like amateurs. America loves Cliff Huxtable because he’s the ideal dad. Funny, smart, honest, and caring, you don’t get much better than Dr. Huxtable. Sure the man will use humor to teach you a lesson, and sometimes all the man wants is a sandwich and to be left alone, but that only adds to his charm. Overall though, Cliff is the dad that is going to make you laugh when you’re sad, encourage you when you feel stuck, and challenge you to do the right thing no matter what. He’s the glue that keeps his family together, and he shows the importance of fathers in their children’s lives. Here is a clip of Dr. Huxtable being the great dad that he is.

Other Perfect Dads include: Danny Tanner, Ozzie Nelson, and Sheriff Andy Taylor.


Which type of dad do you have in your life? What did you think of our list? Let us know by leaving a comment below. And happy Fathers Day to all those dads out there.


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