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James Franco and Seth Rogen want to Kill Kim Jong Un

Talk-show host Dave Skylark and his producer, Aaron Rapoport, score an interview with Kim Jong-Un, dictator of North Korea. But when the CIA asks them to kill Kim, they show that they are the least qualified men ever for an assassination…..yes this is the newest James Franco/Seth Rogen film.   Check out the new teaser trailer.

Even Goldberg who grew up with Seth Rogen directed the Interview, and that makes us excited.   His first film as a director was This is the End, one of our favorite films from 2013.  He has also worked on Knocked Up, Superbad, 50/50, Pineapple Express, and Neighbors, so we are thinking the Interview could be pretty great.   Since the trailer that just came out is just a teaser, we will not make any quick judgments, but everything is pointing to another great comedy.  Of course Franco and Rogen have great chemistry as seen in Pineapple Express and This is the End, so we expect to see more of the same with the Interview.   We will say this, while we have not been the biggest Jimmy Franco fans in the past, we really think he is going to nail the role of the not so bright talk show host….we love when he finds out that Kim Jong Un can’t really speak to dolphins (or so says the American media).   And hey if the movie ends up being a pile of crap, the ladies who love Franco will go see it anyways, because their is a scene where he is running with a puppy……clearly Goldberg knows what he is doing.

Do you want to see the Interview?  Is James Franco overrated?   Let Popcorn Whiskey Know by leaving a comment below.




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