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Clueless gets a Makeover

Iggy Azalea has one of the summer’s hottest hits with her song Fancy, but it’s the music video that we are in love with.   With only a little over 3 minutes, Iggy Azalea was able to create an updated version of the most popular scenes from the 1990’s classic Clueless.   Check it out.

Iggy Azalea who was born in Australia is making a huge splash this year.  On May 28th, Fancy hit the 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and her song with Ariana Grande, Problem reached number 2, making her the first artist since the Beatles to rank at 1 and 2 at the same time with their first two Hot 100 hits.  Clearly Iggy knows what she is doing and will be all over your Radios and TV this summer.

If you’re impressed with her Fancy video, check out this MTV post that shows several comparisons of the music video to the movie and just how spot on they where.  Here is our favorite.

clueless fancy

clueless fancy

They did such an amazing job, what an original idea for a music video!  Now we wonder who will do a Mean Girls video?  (Lorde we’re looking to you).   But here’s a sad thought, how many kids who have seen the music video have no idea there is a movie called Clueless?  And if you’re craving some Clueless fun right about now, check out the opening scene here.

Let Popcorn Whiskey know if you are a fan of the music video or of Clueless by leaving a comment below.


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