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5 Ways Will Smith Can Recover His Star Power

Will Smith is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. In fact, in 2007, Newsweek named Smith the most powerful actor in Hollywood. But it’s no longer 2007 and Smith is no longer the mega star that he once was. Will Smith’s Highest grossing film of all time was back in 1996 with Independence Day. His last major film ranks 16 in Will Smith’s highest grossing films list, a major disappointment. In fact, of the top 10 highest grossing Smith films, Hancook which came out in July 2008 is the most recent film on the list. So clearly, Smith is not the movie star he once was. And with After Earth receiving an incredibly bad score of 11% he needs to make a move soon. There are rumors that Smith will star in a movie about the concussions of the NFL, but we are not sure that is the right move for Smith. Her our Popcorn Whiskey’s Top 5 Ways for Will Smith to Recover his Stardom. 

will 25.  Stop Trying to Make his Kids Famous. Will Smith needs to understand that America love him but that does not mean we will want to see his kids become famous too. In fact every time we see his kids get press coverages or getting a new role, we feel bad for all the more talented actors that don’t have famous parents. Jaden Smith did win an award for his role in After Earth…..it was the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor…damn. And Willow Smith, we don’t care if you whip your hair. The fame of Smith’s 13 year daughter has also recently backfired on him when she posted an Instagram picture of her in bed with a shirtless 20 year old. Frankly Will, we don’t want to know how bad of a parent you are, it just makes us not want to support you.

hitch4.  Make something Funny. It’s hard to believe that Hitch is 9 years old, but how funny was Will Smith. And didn’t Smith win us over in his sitcom the Fresh Prince? With Bad Boys II and Hitch, we thought we were going to see more comedy roles from Smith, but rather with the success Smith gained with the Pursuit of Happyness, Smith seemed to put the comedies on the back burner. Give us the charming Will we grew up with, if he wants to regain his stardom, he is going to have to make us fall in love with him again by reaching our funny bone. Maybe a Hitch 2?

Will Smith Bad Boys 23.  Star in a dark role. Is anyone else tired of the the squeaky clean imagine Smith tries to pull off? We are tired of the getting jiggy with it Smith and an edgy dark role is just what Smith needs….even better if it’s a comedy. Will, you don’t always have to be the hero who saves the day all while keeping it PG-13. We want something closer to Bad Boys, but we want you in a role so dark and edgy that people will be talking about how they have never seen you in something like that before. We look at what Neighbors has done for Zac Efron, and we feel like you need the same image change. Hey it does not even have to be a main role, it could just be a cameo, but we want to see a more real Will Smith.


ID22.  Independence Day 2. Will Smith refused to take part in Independence Day 2. While Independence Day is his most successful film of all time, the star passed on offers to join the follow up. It was rumored that Smith was asking for too much money to join the film. It looks like however, the two need each other. Independence Day 2 without Will Smith should just not be made, and the production of the film has been a nightmare, pushing the release date from July 2015 to some time in 2016. However if Will where to join the film, the hype and buzz would be just what he needs. Suddenly his name would be in the news for the right reasons and he would gain back some of his star power with out the film even being released.


Will Smith Oscar1.  Drop your ego. Will Smith just seems full of himself (and his family). Will refused to star in Django Unchained because he was not the lead character. He even said in an interview that he needed to be the lead. Demanding to fly on private jets, having to have mansion like trailers on sets and other diva like demands make Film Studios question if working with Smith is even worth it. Than when you do hire Smith, you never know if he is going to demand that his children be part of the movie. And America has taken notice. The last thing you want to do if your a movie start like Smith is make the movie goers feel like you think you’re better than them. Suddenly they can not relate to you and they will no longer support you. If you want to win back your stardom, start thinking about what your fans want, rather than what Oscar nominated Will Smith deserves. We want you to return to the “In west Philadelphia born and raised on the playground was where I spent most of my days” Will Smith, that’s who we feel in love with. If you can just humble yourself (or even try to act humble) your fans will return.

What do you think, can Will Smith win back is stardom? What advice would you give him? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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