The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars: a True Underdog

Here at Popcorn Whiskey we have been spending months looking into all the info on the top blockbusters of the summer, and of course those would be Transformers 4, X-Men Days of Future Past, Spider Man 2, How to Train your Dragon 2, and so on, but the Fault in Our Stars flew under our radar.  There has not been a lot of hype on this film from the movie world, and we just don’t understand why.  In fact, we believe the Fault in Our Stars will be one of the top 1 highest earning films of the summer.  Check out the trailer.

That trailer has over 20 million views, with 3 million coming within the first 24 hours of it’s release.  Right now on Rotten tomatoes, The Fault in Our Stars is at a 90%, very high for a teenage love drama.  The film is based on the 2012 novel of the same title by John Green and has around a million copies in print.  The film tells the story of Hazel who has  terminal cancer and Gus, who falls in love with Hazel.  To us, this has a lot of qualities of a Walk to Remember, which is one of our favorite movies in the genre.    Andrew Barker from Variety had this to say about the Fault in our Stars:

Though it’s correctly categorized as a teen romance, “The Fault in Our Stars” is above all a movie about cancer. Cancer provides the butt of the film’s most caustic jokes, provides the magnetic pull that first draws its star-crossed couple together, and provides the power with which the story eventually starts to squeeze its viewers’ tear ducts like water balloons in a pressure cooker. As such, it walks a knife’s edge between heart-on-sleeve sensitivity and crass exploitation for its entire running time, and the fact that it largely stays on the right side of that divide has to mark it as a success. Soulfully acted, especially by a never-better Shailene Woodley, and several degrees smarter than most films aimed at teenagers, this Fox melodrama ought to strike a resonant chord with young audiences.

So we know you are going to need to bring your tissues to this one.   With so many of our love ones effected by cancer one way or another, we believe the Fault in Our Stars is going to reach out far beyond the teenage audience.   Mix that with the great reviews it’s starting to gather the million strong fans of the novel, we’ll we believe that is the perfect storm for this summer’s blockbuster surprise.   We have yet to see The Fault in Our Stars in anyone lists of projected earnings for the summer, but we have the bold prediction that it will in fact end in the top 10 of the summer.   This film is going to spread like wildfire.  There is a lack of teenage films this summer, as well as female focused films, and date night films, so we believe that will little competition from those markets, the Fault in Our Stars will get the ticket sales from people kick of superheros and giant robots.

Let us know, are you planning on seeing the Fault in Our Stars?  Leave a comment below.


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