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Best Youtube Videos of the Week

It’s a new week here at Popcorn Whiskey and as always we like to start our week off with the best of YouTube. Our list is made up of the best YouTube videos released over the last week that are related to movies and TV. Check them out below.

Top 10 Most Quotable Movies

Watchmojo did a great job putting together the best quotable movies of all time. We didn’t even realize how many of these quotes we use in our daily conversations until we watched this video. While everyone will have a movie that did not make their top 10, you’ll most likely agree with their picks.

Honest Trailers – Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Thank you Honest Trailers for making a trailer for our most hated film of all time. We saw Alice in Wonderland at Downtown Disney at the midnight release, that’s how excited we where for Alice in Wonderland, and then the opening credits gave away the ending of the movie…..WTF? Relive just bad Alice in Wonderland really was with this Honest Trailer.

Best and Worst Films of Angelina Jolie

When you hear Angelina Jolie, what’s the first thing you think of? (We think of her husband stealing ways ) Well you most likely don’t think of her as a bad actress, but after watching the Best and Worst Films of her career, you are going to be shocked at how many duds she’s been a part of. (So we guess she doesn’t just destroy marriages…..).

We hope you enjoyed the videos and be sure to check us out every Monday for our favorite YouTube videos of the week. Leave a comment below and tell us which video you enjoyed the most.


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