Left Behind 2014

Nicolas Cage will soon piss off Christians with bad acting

Nicolas Cage will play the lead in the reboot of Left Behind, a Christian fictional novel based on the rapture. In the original smaller budget films, Kirk Cameron played the lead role. The film has an October 3, 2014 release date. While filming started last August, we feel that the release of Left Behind has hopes that HBO’s rapture show the Leftovers will create a buzz around the rapture. Instead though, we have a feeling that Left Behind will have the feel of a copy cat, which will backfire on the film. We also have zero faith that Nicolas Cage will do the character any justice, and is simply picking projects based on whoever can pay him the quickest. While Christians are known for love, they get pissed off when you ruin something they love on the Big Screen,I.E. Noah.  Check out the trailer below.



Let us know at Popcorn Whiskey if you are excited for Left Behind.  Leave a comment below.



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