Drinking Games

Comedy Movies Drinking Game

We call this game Jokers Wild. Play this game every time you watch a comedy. To play the game, set a timer to go off every 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes draw 2 cards from the deck. Place a card face down. The lowest card must take a shot, if there is a tie, they both have to take a shot. If a joker is place, everyone but the joker has to take a shot. And for the drink along, take a drink every time.

  • There is a heartfelt serious moment
  • A fat character does something stupid
  • There is a flashback scene to someone’s childhood
  • There is a dance involved in the scene.
  • A celebrity makes a short cameo.
  • A character talks to themselves
  • Someone makes a penis joke
  • A non animated movie uses animation.
  • A minor character who is ethnic makes a joke.
  • The movie starts playing rap music
  • The characters start talking in funny voices.
  • The movie enters a dream scene.


Let us at Popcorn Whiskey know how you liked the game and watch movies you watched playing Jokers Wild.And check out our other Drinking Games.



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