X-Men Days of Future Past

X-Men Days of Future Past…Oh Hell Yeah

X-Men Days of Future Past is everything you want in a superhero movie…and actually just any film in general, and that’s master story telling. Being one of the most anticipated movies of 2014, I don’t think even the biggest internet trolls will have a lot of bad things to say about the newest installment in the X-Men universe.

In a a nutshell, Wolverine must travel back in time in order to save mutants and mankind alike from destruction. In order to do this, he must unite Professor X and Magneto and stop Mystique from assassinating the creator of the Setinels. Just like Eminem says, Wolverine only has one shot to get it right, or everyone he knows and cares for will meet a cruel death.

Unlike Godzilla, where the audience had to wait till the last 15 minutes to get the actions they where expecting, X-Men starts out with a huge action scene and sets up the story perfectly. From their, I was at the edge of my eat for the entire movie. While X-Men First Class was a step in the right direction, I had moments where I felt the movie lagged. But in X-Men Days of Future Past, everything just flowed perfectly and had a great pace.

We have to give credit to the actors, everyone held their own weight and Hugh Jackman has never been better. He’s been playing the role for 14 years and it shows how well he knows Wolverine. I loved how the movie showed a different side to Wolverine and Jackman didn’t miss a beat. Jennifer Lawrence also was the perfect Mystique, torn between good and evil, I was rooting for her either way.

But the main hero of this movie is director Bryan Singer. I completely believed I was in 2023 and 1973 all in the same movie, a task not easily done. Being my new favorite Singer movie of all time, I am impressed at the way he was able to make everything flow flawlessly. When I first hear about Days of Future Past I wondered if it was going to be a movie everyone could easily follow. Well, Bryan Singer smashed all my fears, he took a larger than life storyline and successfully brought it to life. His vision for opening fight scene was incredible, and they way they used Blink’s teleport powers made it visually stunning and one of my all time favorite fight scenes in a superhero movie.

One last thing I loved about the movie was the use of humor. With life or death on the line, you would not think their would be a lot of room for jokes, but X-Men left the theater cracking up. The movie in no way was campy, but the humor was a great reminder that we where watching a comic book movie. Quicksilver delivered a great comic relief (and he is simply kick ass awesome!).

I have no shame in giving X-Men Days of Future Past 5 out of 5 stars. I think the word of mouth on this film is going to make it the highest earning X-Men yet and could possibly movie to beat this summer for ticket sales. I’m pretty sure I’m going to see this one at least one more time before the summer is over, it’s that good!

Blink X-Men Days of Future Past

Blink creating a teleport portal in X-Men Days of Future Past

Favorite part of the movie: The opening fight scene

Least favorite part of the movie: We could of used more Quicksilver.

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  1. Favorite part of the movie- Young Xavier: F**k off

    Worst part of the movie: (like you) need more Quicksilver, but thank God he’ll be back in Apocalypse

    I knew I was going to like Quicksilver, but never would have thought this much

  2. The fact that pretty much everyone online had to eat crow and recognize the awesomeness of Quicksilver is an accomplishment that Singer and Evan Peters should be proud of.

  3. Definitely agree that Quicksilver was the highlight of the film. I really wish they would’ve shown more of the early versions of the Sentinels, and maybe we’ll get some version of them in the next film (though I doubt it).

    Your comments about Blink were spot-on. I didn’t know anything about that character before the film, and WOW!

    Great review!

  4. Yeah, this movie was pretty awesome. I just hope that the future installments are the same, and we don’t get something along the lines of the third or Origins. God forbid. Good review.

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