American Idol Caleb Johnson

Why America Got it Wrong

Well America, you screwed up. Instead of voting the talented and radio ready Jena Irene, you voted the 80’s rockers ungrateful Caleb Johnson as the newest American Idol. After the results, Tv Line ran a poll asking their readers if the right person won Idol and 79% said no. We feel the same way. Check out this video of Caleb.

That’s right, America’s newest Idol called his fans retards and showed how grateful he really is to his fans who interact with him online. Caleb simply is talented enough to be successful with out building a strong fan army and his interviews make it seem like he could care less about his fans. But Idol is about his voice right? Check out the clip below and ask yourself, is this guy really that special?

Frankly, Caleb is a gimmick and did not deserve to make the top 5 this year of Idol. Much of his success has to do with the Idol band backing him up. They also rocked out, always outshining his vocals. He does have a good rock voice overall, but he is more a karaoke star than an American Idol. We don’t think America will want to hear an 80’s classic rock album and Caleb just does not have anything original to bring to the table.

With Idols ratings down over the last few years, Caleb Johnson winning American Idol could possibly be the final nail in the coffin for Idol, Since Candice Glover has had no success after Idol and the Voice just crowned Josh Kaufman champ, a much stronger champion than Caleb. Here is Caleb’s first single, As Long as you Love Me.

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  1. “After the results, Tv Line ran a poll asking their readers if the right person won Idol and 79% said no.” So America voted on how America voted and America said America got it wrong?

  2. Yes Jena Irene is radio ready, she is multi-talented plays the piano since she was 2,
    a versatile singer AND also writes her own songs, If they give her a permanent
    recording contract she will write her own and make winning cd’s.. She is the American Idol.
    She expressed her gratitude to the American people, thanked them openly during her final
    performance and went out to the walk-way and greeted the audience
    Meatloaf (Caleb) did nothing to express his gratitude, after this year, he will just wither away
    and we will not hear of him anymore just like “Meatloaf” from the 80’s, “Babyface” another one.

  3. i’m happy Caleb won you missed the whole point of that video he didn’t call his fans on social media retards he was talking about the trolls and people trying to make him into something he’s not America finally did something right and put out some variety they’re sick of generic pop singers falling flat because half of them havn’t done anything with the few exceptions like clarkson and underwood he’ll open doors for a new generation of singers it’s a good move

    1. At first maybe he was talking about trolls, but towards the end the comments about people telling him what to sing, that’s for sure directed to his fans. Caleb was not top 5 for me :/

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