Top 10 Greatest 90’s Kid’s Cartoon Shows

The 90’s where a great time to be a kid, and every kid had their favorite cartoon. From superhero’s to just plain silly, our list looks at the children’s TV cartoons and we have rated them based on their impact on pop culture, the quality of the show, staying power, and creativity. Here our top 10.


Bobby's World10.  Bobby’s World

What little kid couldn’t relate to Bobby and his amazing imagination. With a crazy Uncle Ted and a wacky family, Bobby’s World focused on the every day little of a a little boy who’s imagination would turn a regular visit into the dentist into a space adventure. We love how simple Bobby’s World and how awesome it was when Howie Mandel had hair.

cartoon29.  Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Even to this day, when I think of Spider-Man I think of the 1994 animated series. The show had a college aged Spidy working at the Daily Bugle as a photographer while he fell in love with Mary Jane and Felicia Hardy. Villains like Venom, the Green Goblin, Doc. Oct., and the Kingpin where staples to the show as where cameos from other Marvel heros like the X-Men, Captain America, and Blade. The the show did best though, was make us hate Peter Parker’s boss, J. Jonah Jameson…man that guy was a real Richard.

cartoon38.  Pinky & the Brain

Gee, Brian, what do you want to do tonight? The same thing we do every night, Pinky-take over the world! If you never said those words, then you simple weren’t a 90’s kids. Pinky and the Brain where originally regulars on the Animaniacs but got their own show thanks to their popularity. Pinky and the Brian live inside a research facility where they where genetically enhanced. These lab mice where the ultimate odd couple, with the genius Brian being slowed down by his not so bright side kick. Every week, we turned in to see if the Brian could finally take over the world, but his plans where always spoiled either by Pinky screwing something up or because the Brian was all book smarts and was overly arrogant.

cartoon57.  Disney’s Recess

We looked forward to Recess at school and at home….Disney’s Recess followed the lives of 6 elementary school friends as they ruled the school’s playground. Just like everyone is one of he charters from Friends, we all can relate to one of the 6 from Recess. Either you’re a T.J. a trouble maker and cool kid, Spinelli the tomboy with an anger problem, Gus, the guy with no luck, Vince the popular good at everything jock, Getchen the smart one, or Mikey the misunderstood one. The show was funny, smart, and complex. We really loved that the 6th graders were treated like royalty, with King Bob at the top.

carton46.  Rugrats

You where the envy of all your classmates back in the 90’s if you had cable, thanks to the Rugrats. We loved watching Tommy and the gang use their imaginations to turn a toddlers life into great TV. And there there was Angelica, the spoiled cousin of Tommy’s who seemed to never have anything better to do than to bug the little toddlers. It was great that the kids always seemed to know more about what was going on then their parents, who had no clue what their kids where up to. And who can forget how epic Reptar was, epically Reptar on Ice.

CARTOON65.  Batman: The Animated Series

Leave it to Batman to make a children’s show dark. Batman was not dumbed down for a younger audience and as rewarded with several awards and diehard fans. The show was known for it vintage look and more realistic violence. For us though, the Joker was the star of the show. Voiced by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, the Joker’s laugh sent chills down our backs. The show also created Harley Quinn, one of the most beloved DC characters of all time. If it weren’t for this show, we doubt Batman would be as popular as he is today.

cartoon84.  Doug

Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise forever! One of the original Nicktoons, Doug is the coming age story of a boy who moves to a new town and starts 6th grade, where he meets his best friend Skeeter, the bad boy Roger, and the love of his life Patti. Every episode that involved Quailman, the super hero alter ego of Doug who wore his underwear over his shorts had us dying with laughter and we thought that Doug’s favorite band, the Beets where simply amazing, how can you hate their song Killer Tofu? Overall, Doug was a show that was able to truly show what it was like to be preteen in America during the 90’s and that’s why so many people still talk about the show today.

cartoon93.  Rocko’s Modern Life

Why is a show about an Australian wallaby living in America so high on our list? Simple, the show to this day is one of the most creative cartoons of all time. The show was filled with adult humor but as kids, we could not stop laughing because it was just so off the wall. Our favorite side character’s where Ed and Bev Bighead who where Rocko’s next door neighbors. Bev’s voice is similar to a older Jewish woman from New York who chain smoked cigarettes for the last 40 years and is it weird we find her oddly sexy. The show was ground breaking for it’s edgy material but this lead to a show that even parents enjoyed watching with their kids.

cartoon102.  Animaniacs

You can’t really explain the Animaniacs to someone who’s never seen it before. But basically it wasa cartoon variety show with lots of violence and pop culture references. The show was hosted by the Warner Brothers Yakko and Wakko and their sister Dot. There where so many different characters on the show that you never knew what you where going to get. Pinky and the Brain we’ve already talked about, but there are so many others. The Goodfeathers where a parody of the Goodfellas, featuring 3 Italian American pigeons where our favorite. We also loved the Good idea, Bad Idea shorts and the Wheel of Morality endings. The show broke the 4th wall all the time, making fun of TV Networks and Hollywood.

cartoon111.  X-Men

X-Men where the hottest superheroes in the 1990’s and they top our list. The show is well known for tackling major story lines written in the comics like The Dark Phoenix Saga and the Days of Future Past. The show also did a great job of building off of previous episodes, making the story lines span more than just one episode. While being a kids show, X-Men often was a champion for civil rights, with Professor X believing in a world where all mankind can live in peace. No other cartoon had a larger character base, as the X-Men created their own universe. And with powerful villains like Magneto and Apocalypse there was never a dull moment. Filled with time travel, galactic battles, and kick ass customs, every kid wanted to be a part of the X-Men. The show made Wolverine and Gambit huge stars in the comic world and beyond.


Did your favorite make the list?  Let us know by commenting below.



  1. Wow I forgot about half of these shows. I only watched them every now and then but they certainly bring back memories. I think I used to like bobbys world the most.

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