Guardians of the Galaxy Triler

New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Guardians of the Galaxy released a new Trailer today and he internet is going crazy. For the last 3 days, Marvel has released teasers for the new Trailer and today Fan’s got to see what they had been waiting for. The release was part of a live event on Facebook where Chris Pratt, Batista, Vin Diesel and others answered questions. Check out the brand new trailer now.

The trailer states, All Heros Start Somewhere and we are excited for a group of Heros who America does not know very well. We get to see a group of misfit thugs come together to save the world, and they are the underdogs the whole time. We also that unlike Captain America, these guys are not pure and good, they have a dark side to them, and they don’t even really like each other. We are really hoping that Guardians takes off and becomes a top summer blockbuster this year. When we first heard about the project, we thought Disney was crazy, but now it has all come together, giving us hope for their other space movie…..Star Wars (have you heard of it?) to really make up for Episodes I-III.

Finally we get to see Rocket speak and hear our first I am Groot. The trailer for us have lived up to the hype and we are ready for August. Rocket Raccoon is a total bad ass. Marvel has made us believe that this tiny alien really is a trained killer and we would never want to face off against him.  The movie looks just like a lot of fun, full of ass kicking, laughs, and hopefully a great lead up to the Avengers 2.  Well Done Marvel, we are in Nerd Heaven.

What did you guys think of the trailer?  Let us know below.



  1. Looking forward to it as well! I think it will be a great “change of pace” for Marvel but keep the excitement factor high!

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