Girl Meets World Riley and Maya

Disney’s Girl Meets World Two New Trailers

June 27 can’t come fast enough as we at Popcorn Whiskey are so excited for Disney”s Girl Meets World, the Boy Meets World spin off. Two weeks ago Disney released a full trailer for the show  and now we have two more trailers, letting us get to know the teens of the show.  Check them out.

In this first trailer, we get to meet the 3 main friends of Riley Matthews. Our biggest problem is her friend Shamus Farkle, he just seems way over the top and does not fit in with the other friends naturally. While this teaser does not show us a lot, over all I like the direction it gives us. We can all relate to Jr. High, having to key group of friends who you get in trouble with.

Our second trailer focuses on the relationship of Riley and her best friend Maya. Right off the bat, we have to wonder is Disney is trying too hard to make Maya the female version of Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World, Corey’s best friend. Both where the troubled kids, who did not do well in school, but the Matthews family stuck by him and helped him grow.. That sounds just like what we see in this trailer. Either way, the chemistry of the best friends works, and we have a feeling that Sabrina Carpenter, the actress who plays Maya will be the breakout star of the show.



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