Why Frozen Is Not Disney’s Best

Frozen has been declared my many as the greatest animated film since the Lion King. While yes, I like everyone else went to see Frozen in the theaters and found myself singing Do you Want to Build a Snowman and Let it Go when I was all alone, but I do not buy into all the hype Frozen has received. I want to make one thing clear, Frozen has amazing music, Let it Go especially is an instant Disney classic. But the movie it’s self really was nothing special. There where so many holes in the story, there where several under developed characters, and the pace of the movie felt very rushed. I’d have to say that Tangled was a better film over all, and if we are including Pixar, movies like Toy Story 3 and Up are two more recent films that I would place in front of Frozen. Anyways, the following are a few of the major issues I had with Frozen.

frozen1The Trolls: So why are there trolls? They did not fit into the world that Frozen created. How did the King and Queen know about them? Why did they care about a human royal family? Why did they want to erase Anna’s memories? How come they could be more clear with Elsa on how to control her powers? As you can see, the trolls left me so confused on how they fit into the movie. Even without all the questions left unanswered, these trolls are just plain annoying. The fixer upper song had to be the biggest low point of the movie, and they where trying to hook up their human pet with an engaged woman….clearly they lack morals.

frozen2Elsa’s Power: Another huge hole in the story is the origins of Elsa’s powers. The whole movie is revolved around this magic power she has, yet we have no idea why or how she has this power. Then there is the fact that she can create life (so she’s a God?). But then even that is inconstant. She creates Olaf and he seems to have no relationship with Elsa and leaves her, but than she creates a snow monster and the monster is her loyal guard? Also, for someone who held in her powers her whole life, she suddenly becomes a master builder, creating a stunning ice castle and somehow a dress? Oh, and lastly, the people of her city where so scare of her but at the end of the movie they suddenly love her and play with her magic made ice rink?

frozen3The Villains: Frozen really lacked any good villains. First, we have the Duke of Weselton who rightfully knew Arendelle had a major secret and he wanted to take advantage of it to make more money. He then see’s Elsa go crazy and sends two of his workers to take care of her if she give them trouble. Seems to me like he’s just a rational good business man, but either way, he’s no Scar. Than there is Hans, who is just a want to be king. He plans on killing the two sisters in order to take over the city…now this could work….but wait it’s Frozen and the movie is so rushed that we don’t find out he’s the bad guy till the very end, giving us a villain for like 5 minutes? Then there is our main hero, Elsa, who kind of plays the biggest villain in the film…how does that work? She freezes an entire city and almost kills her sister. But she didn’t mean to….so again no real villain.

frozen5Girl Power: What so many people love about this film is the message that women are strong and don’t need a man to save them (hum…Tangled and Mulan where not good enough). Well, this girl power movie really falls short when you look at it closer. First there is Anna, who everyone seems to forget was just boy crazy and decided to get married after meeting a guy a few hours earlier. And for someone who did not need a boy to save her, she sure did seem to need Kristoff to make it to the Ice Castle and he came to save the day at the end of the movie again. Than there is Elsa who’s main downfall is that she can’t control her emotions. I don’t see how that has a very positive message. And when she finally let it go, her sister came to help her, but she acted like a witch to her sister and again because she could not control herself almost kills her sister. Where as in Beauty and the Beast, we had Belle who was the towns greatest reader, sacrificed herself for her father, and fell in love with someone based on their personality rather than their looks….everyone is talking about how progressive Frozen is.

So what do you think, is Frozen as great as everyone makes it out to be? What Disney films would you say are the greatest from the last 20 years? Leave a comment and let us know!



  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I liked the film but overall I don’t know what the big deal is. Big films like this come every once in awhile and everyone becomes hyped up and crazy over them (For example: Aladdin, Tangled, Grease). I usually wait two years or so when the craziness dies down before I make a concrete decision about these films.

    1. a two year rule is a great idea! I think the music was great, and that’s what kids love, but to say it’s the best Disney film since the Lion King is a slap in the face to so many better films. Thanks for reading!

      1. Many great Disney films like Tarzan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pinocchio, Fantasia and Lady and the Tramp are all but forgotten yet people latch onto films like Frozen like they are candy. I have found that just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is of high quality. (The music was amazing!)

      2. I liked Tangled but I didn’t think that it was the hit everyone else did. I do like it more than Frozen though. It seems that those types of films are so rushed and they don’t leave any time to slow down and bring more depth to the story. Tangled does a better job with that though.

    1. The film is a lot of fun and the music is great, but people need to stop making it out to be the best thing ever…because of the hype, I was let down when I saw it because it did not live up to what people said about it.

      1. That is exactly how I felt… I was so excited to see it and then it was just kind of… meh. I didn’t really get emotionally involved even though I really wanted to be; and besides, Hans didn’t make much sense as a villain. If he wanted to have Elsa out of the way without looking like the villain, why didn’t he let the Duke’s henchmen kill her instead of killing her himself in front of everyone while so obviously enjoying it? And Elsa and Anna’s supposedly ‘close’ relationship left me cold. There was no bonding there.

  2. Wow, I have never thought of the other things except for the Elsa one. I thought it was the best because of the music thing until I found this. Now I prefer Lion King. 😀

  3. I loved your review because you validated everything I was thinking but found hard to put in to words. I would never say that this is the best Disney film since The Lion King, however, I would say it is the most popular Disney movie since the Lion King. Some people translate that in to “best” but mostly because they are lemmings.

    I loved the movie, however. I chose to let the flaws slide for the most part, because the reasons I enjoyed it were worth it. I don’t want to say I “hate” Disney movies, but in general, I do. The same old, tired, predictable themes, just different generation. Oh, and the sidekicks to the main character just get more disrespectful.

    As a mom to two girls (oldest just turned 13), if I allowed them to watch a Disney movie (I never offered one!) when younger, I would always make sure they knew there was no such thing as a “prince charming” or falling in love with someone you just met, or a marriage that is perfect because your love is perfect, blah blah blah. It might sound mean, but I think falling for all the movie/TV crap really messes with girls’ heads in their teen years! Anyway, with Frozen…when the girl (Anna?) fell for that dude and announced her marriage intent, I went straight in to a mini-lecture of my 10-year-old saying how ridiculous that was…and then was stopped short because the rest of the characters in the movie backed me up! For the first time EVER in a Disney movie, they enforced boundaries! I was thrilled to pieces and just shut up for the rest of the movie!

    And the fact that the sisters weren’t real enemies was a wonderful theme. The humor was great. The music fantastic. And even the “saving the girl” at the end was ok with me, because we all do need a little escape into fantasy once in awhile!

    So I enjoyed the movie because it was a great movie my kids loved, and for the first time, I didn’t have to keep repeating, “I know ALL the movies say your TRUE LOVE is some hot dude that you see from afar and is true to you forever and you’re never sad or alone again but that isn’t the truth…” This time, I could just sit back and laugh and enjoy.

    1. great comment! I agree with everything you just wrote. The music is what is best about Frozen, as well as the theme of sisterhood. Great point about how popularity gets confused with quality.

  4. I see where you are coming from, and I think Tangled was better set up from a story standpoint. My only real complaint about Tangled is that its music wasn’t very fitting to the setting and story, but even then, at least it’s consistant.

    I saw a vlog that argued that everything people were praising as “revolutionary” from Frozen was actual done by other movies, one particularly being Mulan. I think the hype comes from several key factors (the music being one of them)

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