Justice League

Why Superman is Not a Movie Star

DC is excited to go head to head with Marvel in the coming years to see which comic empire can come out on top. It seems that DC is banking on using Superman to connect all their characters together, as we see with Superman vs. Batman. But we think DC is banking their success on the wrong superhero. To be honest, we just don’t find Superman interesting, and don’t believe he can be the main character in a great comic book movie. Superman is powerful and iconic, we are not trying to deny that, rather we don’t feel he transfers well over to the big screen. The following are a few reasons why Superman is not meant to be the leading man in the DC Movie world.

Superman KryptoniteKryptonite: Ever superhero has a weakness right? Well Superman’s greatest weakness is a um….well it’s a rock. Luckily for Superman Krtptonite comes from his home planet of Krypton and that’s blown up, so Kryptonite should be impossible to find right? Well no, it seems like in the DC universe you can buy Kryptonite at the Dollar Tree, because everyone seems to have it. And hey, if you can’t find any, well guys like Lex Luther and Batman know how to make their own Kryptonite so Superman is doomed. We feel like this is just as weak as the idea that vampires can’t be around garlic……dumb. You can’t have a main character with out given him more vulnerability.

SupermanMorality: Clark Kent is a goodie goodie who is so good natured, he makes Mormon missionaries look like party animals. He’s too good for his own good, making him a stock character. We know he’s going to do the right thing and save the day before we even watch the movie. There’s a reason why Ironman works so well for Marvel, Tony Stark is a wildcard and we never know which version of Tony where going to see that day. Superman as a hero also is very careful and holds back to prevent hurting bystanders……boring.

amysupes3Powers: Growing up, Pokemon cards where the big deal. There was always that one spoiled kid who had all the best cards and no one wanted to play against him. Superman is that spoiled kid. He’s simply too powerful. He can fly, he’s strong, fast, he can see through buildings (and through your underwear) he’s gt a better memory than an elephant, he can heal himself, hell his breath can freeze things and the list goes on and on. America loves underdogs, and superman is just a show off. He’s even so fast that he can go back in time, meaning he’s playing a video game with all the cheat codes, but if he does not like the outcome, he can just hit the restart button and try again.

Superman vs. BatmanHe’s not Batman: Lastly, he’s just not Batman. The Man of Steel made over 600 million worldwide, but DC is putting Superman in the shadows with The Man of Steel 2….Superman vs. Batman. We know very little about this film, but no one is talking about Superman. In fact, it seems like everyone has forgotten that this is actually a Superman movie. The fact is, Superman does not have what it takes to carry a movie series on his own, he he more of the best friend character and not the main character. We got so many texts and messages when the new Bat Suite was release this week. A few years ago, when where got our first look at Superman for Man of Steel, no one we knew seemed to care. And that’s that problem, we just don’t care about Superman, we want Batman. Heck, we’ll take a whole Lego Batman over Superman.

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