The Flash Falls Short

Lightening gave me abs? We love this line from the Flash Trailer. But that was about all we loved about the Flash trailer. Check it out below.

First Shots Of Grant Gustin Wearing 'The Flash' CostumeWe have the feeling that DC will only have one new hit show next year and it won’t be the flash. It seems like the Flash is too big of a hero to be in a TV show. The money to make each episode great would just not work. The special effects when the Flash runs just leaves us underwhelmed and his costume looks like a joke. We where really excited for this show until today. While we’ll still be turning in next year, our exceptions are nowhere near what we have for Gotham….maybe this time though, the underdog will come out on top.



  1. Ahh, okay. I actually felt completely the opposite about Gotham. I’m just a little sick of Batman I guess. I’ve been wanting a Flash movie since Flash made his first appearance in Smallville, season 4’s ‘Run’. I didn’t like the line about the abs, but felt the effects were above and beyond average television as it is. Far better than Smallville’s rendition of the character. With the tease with Zoom killing his family, Weather Wizard doing his thing, I think they’re right on track to unleashing his rogue gallery. I’m not sure if all the footage came from the pilot, which would make sense, of if it was footage spread throughout the season. I’m hoping on the latter, because I want the arc for him to come to grips with his powers and saving people to last a few episodes. But we’ll see. I didn’t think the trailer fell short at all. They did, however, show WAY too much. 5 mins? Really?!

  2. Point taken on the costume. It’s too loose fitting for a speedster. It would shred in the air friction, It should be more like, oh I don’t know, running tights? I’m looking forward to Gotham, too, but not sure I’d compare these shows, apples to apples. Willing to give both of them a shot, just not expecting the same thing from either.

  3. Man, I comepltely disagree. Yeah the costume isn’t really what we want for a live-action show or movie, but if it’s anything like Arrow than I think it will be pretty cool. The only thing I can say is that this show might take a few episodes to take off but I do think it will be a pretty damn solid show. The special effect were good, much better than what Smallville or a lot of tv shows produce & as for the story, just from that trailer it looks likes its going in a pretty good direction with Zoom & the villains & Barry. Another plus is Grant Gustin playing Barry, I think he was a solid choice & can bring out a quirky, fun, real smart Barry just like we saw in the few episodes from Arrow. Oh & I love the fact that Arrow & Flash will be going back & forth with one another. Having Stephen Amell come over for an episode & Grant gusting doing Arrow is just cool.

    1. Cross over shows will be great, my big thing is the Flash is such a staple for DC, they better deliver a larger then life show, because we want a Flash Justice League movie and if the show fails that could hurt the Flash over all. I expect more from a flash show than a Green Arrow show. Maybe it’s not fair for me to expect as much as I do for the Flash.

      1. No hey I completely agree with you. Flash is one of my top if not favorite DC hero & I’m with you on expecting more from Flash than an Arrow show. This is definitely the type of character that needs to be done right because he is so important. I’m just optimistic about it because it’s finally coming true, we’ve been waiting so long for something like this it’s just exciting it’s happening. & if I remember correctly, didn’t DC announce a Flash movie for 2017 last year? Following the Bat vs Supe or JL movie? If they stuck with it at least…

      2. I am guessing the Flash show will take the place of the movie for right now, if they did make a movie I wonder if it would take place at the same time as the show, maybe the movie flash will be like 10 years ahead of the show

      3. Yeah I would think so, too. But it would also be strange to have two different Flash’s going at the same time. I mean, I know that Smallville & Superman Returns did but then there wasn’t even close to how universes are connected now. Plus, there’s been that huge debate & talk on whether Stephen Amell’s Arrow should join the JL sometime down the road. I personally think it would be cool, his Arrow is definitely the same tone that Snyder set in Man of Steel so it kind of works. but I just don’t see Grant Gustin as a movie Flash. He seems perfect for the starting point for Barry Allen & TV, i could be wrong though. He could destroy this part & maybe they do cast him as Flash in a movie in like 3 years or so.

      4. It just seems like Arrow is set in a time where Super powers are fairly new and so the Flash and Arrows shows are set maybe years before Man of Steel, where we have an aged Batman.

      5. yeah that would make a lot of sense & is actually pretty interesting. If that is the case, since we apparently are getting a Batman who is aged and has been retired and doing this Bat thing for a while but now comes back out because of Superman, maybe we’ll get a mention or easter egg of Batman starting out in Arrow or Flash at some point, if they were set back in the timeline a little ways.

      6. Over all, I jut wonder if the Flash show is the right move for DC. They have so much going on next year and they can’t afford several flops. Hopefully everything is well planned out as to how everything will fit together. I also am one of just a few who did no like the trailer, so it looks like fans are excited.

      7. Yeah, I think the flash show is a solid concept but DC is pushing there films so fast & with so many characters, a TV show involving one of their most iconic characters is puzzling. Maybe this show is them just saying that Flash won’t be in the movie universe (hope to god not) & that they will just go with Bat, Supes, WW, Green Lantern Aquaman & Cyborg – for now at least.

      8. Agreed. I just don’t see a DC Universe without the Flash, wouldn’t make sense but who really knows at this point.

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