Action Movies Drinking Game


WhiskeyIn this drinking game, you need a shot glass for everyone who is playing and a bottle of booze as well as your favorite action film. Before the movie, pick one of the categories below to be your shot action. Every time this action happens, you must stand up. The last person sitting must pour a shot but they don’t have to drink it yet. Keep watching the film and repeating. If someone is the last sitting and they have already poured a shot, they now must take the shot.

Take a drink during or when………

  • Someone is killed. Drink twice if they die by grenade.
  • There is a scene at a strip club.
  • There is a betrayal. Take a shot if it’s their own family member.
  • A car get blown up. Drink twice if someone was inside the car.
  • Someone says a witty one liner.
  • One of the villains give an evil laugh.
  • The law enforcement get in the way of the actually good guys.
  • The main character survives and unrealistic situation.
  • If there is a helicopter. Take a shot if Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the film.
  • Someone is kidnapped or held for ransom.
  • Someone says the F word. Drink twice if it’s a senior citizen.
  • A villain calls the hero.
  • The title of the film is said out loud





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