Youtube Videos of the Week (Movies & TV)

Here are our favorite videos on youtube for the week of May 12th.
Comic Book Movies – A Dose of Buckley

In this video, Buckley rants about comics fans who hate comic book movies. It’s always fun to hear someone rant, but when they have a good point, it’s even better. With Spider Man, X-Men and other comic book movies coming out this summer, give this a video a try.

Zac Efron Keeps Taking His Shirt Off For Seth Rogen

We saw Neighbors last week and where so impressed by Zac Efron. This clip from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon will have you cracking up. Zac Efron tells a hilarious story about Seth Rogen and he says the F word twice….shame shame Mr. High School Musical……but for reals, Zac Efron is amazing.

Tammy Trailer


Where going to need more pies for this Melissa McCarthy comedy! The newest trailer dropped this week and we can not wait for Tammy to be released in theaters. Tammy will be a huge hit this summer, so be sure to check out the trailer.


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