New Girl

Netflix Top Picks

Are all your favorite shows over for the season? If so, that means you’ll be turning into Netflix and we have a guide for what to watch this week. For this week, all three picks share a common link, and that is they have Jake Johnson (You know Nick Miller from New Girl). Jake Johnson has a new movie coming out this August called Let’s be Cop’s and We believe his stardom is going to rise greatly. So let’s be hipsters and like his films before it’s cool. But first, check out the trailer for Let’s be Cops.

drinkingDrinking Buddies

Drinking Buddies is an indie film with an amazing cast including Olivia Wilde, Ron Livingston, Anna Kendrick, and of course Jake Johnson. Wilde and Johnson play coworkers who work at a local brewery and are perfect for each other, but this is one simple problem…..they both are in relationships with equally amazing people. Things get interesting when the four go away for a mini vacation. Jake Johnson really shines as the likeable best friend that is not ready to grow up. Will there be a happy ending? How many beers will they drink? All these questions will be answered and more.

SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED                                                                                                                                                          Safety Not Guaranteed

One of my favorite films from 2012, Safety Not Guaranteed is part comedy, part drama, part thriller with some sci-fi themes. The plot of the movie revolves around an ad where the author is looking for someone to travel back in time with him. This sparks the attention of a reporter played by Jake Johnson as he tries to write a story on the man who thinks he can travel in time. Aubrey Plaza helps get the story by pretending to be interested in the ad, without telling the man behind the ad payed by Mark Duplass that she is a reporter. You can’t help but root for Duplass and hope that he really can travel back in time.

newgirlNew Girl

Hey let’s give Zooey Deschanel her own show. Awesome! While Jess played by Deschanel seemed like the natural star of the show, it’s been Jake John who plays Nick Miller who really has come out on top. Jess moves in with three guys after a breakup the group quickly become best friends. Schmidt, one of the other roommates also adds a lot to the show, known for his over the top personality and his douche jar. But Nick, the grumpy maybe love interest for Jess who works at a bar and is a man child really ties everyone together. If you think this is a show for girls, you’re wrong, with most of the friends I have who love this show being guys. It’s really the story of 4 friends who you would never think could live together learning how to make it work as they share life together (anyone who lived in the dorms can relate to that right?).


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