Best of Youtube (Movies and TV)

Are you feeling a little behind on Youtube right now?  Don’t worry, we have our favorite videos for the week of May 5th.   As always, we focus on Movies and TV. so that video of the cat playing the keyboard does not apply.

The Beygency

All Hail Beyonce. SNL will have you rolling on the floor.   Do you love Beyonce?  If you said no, it’s already too late, the Beygency are on their way to get you.   Hands down, this is the best SNL skit of the year.

Top 10 Unexpected Dance Scenes in Non-Dance Movies 

Thank you Watchmojo for this foot taping good top 10 list.  Who doesn’t love a good dance scene?  Relive some of the greatest scenes in movie history.

How it Should have Ended: Lego Movie

We love that Batman talks like a teenage girl. The guys at How it Should have Ended had us cracking up with their take on the Lego Movie.

Hope you enjoyed our picks, check out our website for more movie and TV talk.



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