The Notebook

Chick Flicks Drinking Game

love actuallyThe Queen of Hearts

The rules to this game are pretty simple; you’ll need a deck of cards, a group of friends, and any chick flick. Place the deck of cards somewhere that everyone playing can reach for. Each time one of the actions below happens, draw a card. Once someone finds the queen of hearts, they get to pick a friend who has to take a shot. Shuffle the cards and repeat.

Take a sip during or when…..

A Sex Scene. Drink twice if it takes place outside of the bedroom.

The Male Star takes off his shirt in a non sexual situation.

A fight that breaks out over a guy. Take an extra sip every time some gets slapped.

A lead character holds in their feelings. Take another sip if they latter profess their feelings.

A flashback Scene.

A musical montage, don’t stop drinking till the music ends.

The girl is dating the wrong guy. Take a shot if the right guy is his brother.

There is a gay best friend. Take a shot if the girl is in love with him.

A scene takes place around a closet or clothing store.

The main characters bond while singing a popular hit song. Sip double if it’s from the 80’s or 90’s.

A conversation takes place inside a car.

Someone cries. Take an extra sip if they are handed a tissue.

There is a reference to a social media app. Sip twice if they say # out loud.

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