Top 5 Movies that Deserve A TV Show

With the success of Fargo on FX a lot of TV networks are looking towards films to base their next crop of TV shows on. We thought we would join the fun and give our top 5 movies we would love to be turned into TV shows.


To start off our list, we have the 80’s fan favorite RoboCop. Raise your hand if you saw this years remake of the film…..not many people did. It’s a shame too, because RoboCop is a story that fits in so perfectly in our current technological revolution. The thing is, RoboCop did not need a movie reboot but rather a weekly TV version. The story of Alex Murphy transformation from man to cyborg needs the time only a TV can allow. At the same time we can watch the downfall of the Omni Consumer Products corporation as they become corrupt by greed and power. In our show, Murphy would be less cyborg and more human, have a more realistic touch to a story line. We would also also make Murphy’s wife Vice President of Omni corp, pushing the boundaries or loyalty and marriage.


league of their own

    4.  A League of Their Own

There’s no crying in baseball but there is plenty of drama. A League of their Own follows the Rockford Peaches, a female baseball team set up to keep Major League Baseball running during WWII. With the drama of the war in the backdrop, our version of the movie would focus on a whole new list of characters. We would cut out the comedy and look more into the tale of team learning to become more independent and self reliant during a era of such unknown. Each member of the team would have a story to tell and a connection to the war. The coach of the team would also play a major role as the love interest to several members of the team, as the struggle to find quality men not serving in the war.

3.  Ghost Busters  Ghostbusters-Screencaps-ghostbusters-29593772-1920-1080

Ghost Busters will be a dark comedy with the same style of show as the Office and Parks and Rec. The show will focus on the Ghostbusters gang who film a paranormal investigations show very similar to the one one TV today. Their goal is to prove that that paranormal activity does exists and help families who are affected by hauntings. Unlike the rest of the gang, Peter Venkman does not believe in ghost and strictly just wants to become rich and famous. Another change from the original show would be that none of the Ghostbusters have P.H.D”s; while they are not uneducated, they more so go off of their gut rather than science. The show would be a mixture of their personal lives, the filming of the show, and post production clips of the show which never come off as impressive as they do while filming.

2.  Pulp Fiction pulp-fiction_592x299

Next time you’re at McDonald’s why don’t you order a Royale with Cheese. The sandwich made famous by Samuel L Jackson’s character Jules Winnfield is sure to be featured in our new take on Pulp Fiction. Taking place prier to the events of the movie, will focus on the gangster boss Marsellus and his gang on thugs like Jules and John Travolta’s character Vincent Vega. The show would be full of drugs, sex, and violence so we are sure HBO would pick it up. The show would also include Marsellus’s wife Mia as she is working on her TV show Fox Force 5. Mia and Marsellus’s relationship will be very different from any other we have seen on TV, since Mia is no Camela Soprano or Skyler White.

1.  Harry Potter  HpBpH

Yes, we know this will never happen, but wouldn’t it be epic? Our show would take place at Hogwarts, during the l970’s. We would find upperclassman James Potter, Lilly Evans, Severus Snape, Sirius Black,Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew all growing into respectable wizards under the guidence of Dumbledore. While at the same time, Lord Voldemort is becoming more and more powerful and it is becoming a dark world outside of Hogwarts. The show would focus on the relationship between James and Lilly as well as Lilly’s relationship with Snape. The formation of the Death Eaters will also play a major role as war is brewing.

What do you think of our list? What movies would you like to see turned into TV shows? Leave your comments below and follow Popcorn Whiskey.



  1. Nice article. It would be interesting to see some of these shows hit the TV screen. Out of all of them i think RoboCop and Pulp Fiction would be the best choices. I agree, if HBO picked up both RoboCop & Pulp Fiction, they could both be pretty graphic and awesome.

  2. Oh man, all of these would be amazing TV shows. I see Harry Potter being on ABC, Robocop would have to be on HBO or Netflix, same with Pulp Fiction. There is just too many possibilities for it to be on network. Ghostbusters and A League of Their Own would be ok on Network but would fare much better on cable/streaming as well. Awesome list!

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