Who Should The Next Late Late Show Host Be?

Craig Ferguson announced this week that he will be stepping down as host of the Late Late Show this December. The big question now is who will replace him? Here is are top picks for the the next host of the Late Late Show.

Chris HardwickImage

Chris Hardwick has years of experience hosting hosting talk shows and has the comedy chomps to spice up the late night show. We really enjoy his work on Talking Dead, where he comes off as very likeable and in control. His podcast and youtube channel, the Nerdist are widely popular and he appeals to a younger audience who would turn in watch his digital shorts.

                                                                     Amy SchumerImage

Sexy, edgy. and pee yourself funny, Amy Schumer would be a perfect fit for late night. Schumer show, Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Center has a huge fan base and they would be sure to follow her to the Late Late Show. While Schumer is known for her overly sexual and dirty humor, a recent interview on the Ellen Show showed a more network friendly imagine. It would be a breath of fresh air to have a woman host for late night, and Amy Schumer is tough enough to handle the challenge.


Hamish and Andy

Who are Hamish and Any you ask? They are the host of the most popular radio show in Australia as well as huge TV personalities in Australia for the last 10 years. First off, having a duo hosting the Late Late Show will completely change the vibe of the show, and second, Americans love Australians. Having worked together for 10 years, the duo are very comfortable with each other and leave their audience always wanting more. It would be a risk for CBS to pick Hamish and Andy, but it would quickly pay off.  Check out this video of them.


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