What to Watch on Netflix this Week

Here is your weekly list of must see movies available on Netflix instant stream for the week of 4/29.

3.  Fat, Sick, and Nearly DeadFat,_Sick_and_Nearly_Dead_(film)

It’s almost summer and that means one thing here in Southern California…..Swimsuit season. If you’re like the millions who want to lose a few pounds before the summer, give Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead a watch. This motivating documentary follows Joe Cross and Phil Staples on their separate 60 day juicing journey where they only drink freshly made fruit and veggie juice for 60 days in order to get their weight and health back in order. While Joe is the main star of the film, I found Phil, a truck driver from Iowa to be the most interesting and charming part of the story. Joe finds him at point in his life where he is so unhealthy and overweight that he is too ashamed to visit his son. His family had almost given up all hope on him, when he decided to try juicing for just a week. The transformation and physically and mentally of Phil, an average American, makes this a must see. I watched this film and immediately went out and bought organic fruits and veggies to start a mini juice cleanse. You’ll finish this movie most likely pumped up to do the same, and hey maybe juicing will be your way to get ready for the beach.

220px-Spider-Man2002Poster        2. Spider Man

The Amazing Spider Man 2 comes out in theaters this weekend this weekend and you will be sure to hear everyone talking about Spidey for the next few weeks. While the first Amazing Spider Man did not thrill me much, I have higher hopes for the follow up. In honor of this release, why not turn on the Tobey Maguire version of Spider Man and relive just how good a Spider Man movie can be.
While the movie has it’s own flaws, the main villain, Green Goblin (who just so happens to be his best friends dad) is hands down more captivating then The Amazing Spider Man’s villain Lizard (clever name). Here’s my tip, avoid the crowds this weekend at the theaters and watch the better Spider Man at home.

1. Fargo Fargo

It’s official, FX has a new hit with Fargo. Fargo the movie (which the show is based on) has made several appearances on critics 100 greatest movies of all time list. The Coen brothers (opps, I heard they don’t like being called that anymore) really came onto the scene with the release of Fargo and won the Oscar that year for Best Original Screenplay. What I love most about the movie is the performance of Frances McDormand (who won an Oscar herself for Best Actress) in her role as Marge, the police chief who just so happens to be 7 months pregnant. After years of watching Breaking Bad and seeing people’s body get disposed of in an acid bath, it’s refreshing to turn on Fargo and watch a wood chipper take care of the job. It’s best to watch Fargo now, since the show is sure to get lots of buzz during the award season.


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